Continuing Sponsorship

Maximising Shareholders’ Value

Continuing Sponsorship


We are one of the pioneer batch of Full Sponsors authorised by the Singapore Exchange to undertake introducing and continuing sponsorship activities for companies listed on Catalist, the sponsor-supervised listing platform to attract fast growing companies to raise capital in Asia.

Our continuing sponsorship services include working with the boards of directors of our sponsored companies to effect their growth plans through acquisitions, fund-raising and restructuring, and providing guidance to our sponsored companies on compliance with the listing rules. 

With our team of professionals that has extensive transactional experience in corporate finance and fund raising across a multitude of industries, we are able to appreciate and react to the changing marketplace, and provide relevant and practical advice. We work alongside our sponsored companies to maximise their shareholders’ value through Catalist’s distinctive regulatory regime which offers a faster and simpler way to raise capital.

Maximise Shareholders’ Value

Below sets out examples of transactions which we have assisted our sponsored companies with:

Continuing Sponsorship v4

Market leader’s reach

We are currently the market leader for continuing sponsorship, with a portfolio of over 50 sponsored companies. As the market leader, PPCF has more extensive hands-on experience in a larger number of diverse transaction types. This translates to enhanced understanding and practice of listing rules and regulations.

Our market leadership has allowed us to partner with leading routine business services providers, particularly in the areas of corporate secretarial and administrative services, and insurance. Our sponsored companies can enjoy value-added and cost-effective routine business services.

Our sponsored companies are:

  1. 800 Super Holdings Limited
  2. Alliance Mineral Assets Limited
  3. Alpha Energy Holdings Limited
  4. Amplefield Limited
  5. Arion Entertainment Singapore Limited (fka Elektromotive Group Limited)
  6. Asiatic Group (Holdings) Limited
  7. Aspen (Group) Holdings Limited
  8. Astaka Holdings Limited (fka E2-Capital Holdings Limited)
  9. Axcelasia Inc.
  10. Boldtek Holdings Limited (fka Logistics Holdings Limited)
  11. Capital World Limited (fka Terratech Group Limited)
  12. Charisma Energy Services Limited
  13. Chew’s Group Limited
  14. China Kunda Technology Holdings Limited
  15. China Medical (International) Group Limited (fka Albedo Limited)
  16. China Star Food Group Limited (fka Brooke Asia Limited)
  17. Chinese Global Investors Group Ltd.
  18. CNMC Goldmine Holdings Limited
  19. Colex Holdings Limited
  20. CPH Ltd.
  21. DLF Holdings Limited
  22. Figtree Holdings Limited
  23. GCCP Resources Limited
  24. HC Surgical Specialists Limited
  25. Healthway Medical Corporation Limited
  26. Hosen Group Ltd
  27. Huationg Global Limited
  28. International Press Softcom Limited
  29. ISEC Healthcare Ltd.
  30. Jiutian Chemical Group Limited
  31. Joyas International Holdings Limited
  32. Kimly Limited
  33. Kori Holdings Limited
  34. Koyo International Limited
  35. LHN Limited
  36. Mary Chia Holdings Limited
  37. Memories Group Limited (fka SHC Capital Asia Limited)
  38. MSM International Limited (fka Mann Seng International Limited) 
  39. Natural Cool Holdings Limited
  40. Net Pacific Financial Holdings Limited
  41. New Wave Holdings Ltd
  42. Old Chang Kee Ltd.
  43. Oriental Group Ltd
  44. OUE Lippo Healthcare Limited (fka International Healthway Corporation Ltd)
  45. Pan Asian Holdings Limited
  46. Plato Capital Limited
  47. Progen Holdings Ltd
  48. QT Vascular Ltd.
  49. Rex International Holding Limited
  50. Rich Capital Holdings Limited (fka Infinio Group Limited)
  51. Sen Yue Holdings Limited (fka PNE Micron Holdings Ltd)
  52. Serrano Limited
  53. Singapore O&G Ltd.
  54. Sysma Holdings Limited
  55. The Trendlines Group Ltd.
  56. TLV Holdings Limited
  57. Tritech Group Limited
  58. Zhongxin Fruit and Juice Limited

If you would like to enquire further about our continuing sponsorship services, please contact us.