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Public Listings

Leading Catalist Sponsor

With a track record of successfully listing 60 companies on the Singapore Exchange, we have extensive experience with guiding owners, entrepreneurs and senior management teams through the entire listing and fund-raising process. 

We are also one of the pioneer batch of Full Sponsors authorised by the Singapore Exchange to assess the suitability of companies seeking to list on Catalist, the sponsor-supervised listing platform to attract fast growing companies to raise capital in Asia.


PPCF is currently leading the 10 approved Full Sponsors with over 40% of the new listings on Catalist*

Global Coverage

We have worked with many foreign businesses across regions and industries and are equipped with the experience to deal with various international businesses and structures

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PPCF has been collaborating with Discount Underwriting & Issuing in relation to Israeli-based or Israeli-controlled companies seeking to execute securities offerings in Singapore.

Discount Underwriting & Issuing has identified the Singapore Stock Exchange as the most suitable market in Asia for Israeli growth companies seeking public listings and seeks to become the leading cross-border player in Israel for both issuers and potential investors looking at listing Israeli companies on the Singapore Stock Exchange. Our collaboration resulted in the listing of The Trendlines Group, an Israeli-based incubator that discovers, invests in, incubates and provides services to life science companies in the fields of medical and agricultural technologies on the Catalist board. For more information on Discount Underwriting & Issuing, please refer to 

Listing Considerations

For many fast-growing private companies, an initial public offering can provide the capital required to accelerate growth and opportunity to strengthen market positioning. While a public listing should be a defining milestone in the growth of a company, it is also an intensive and complex process and should not be seen as a one-time short term financial transaction. Before proceeding with a public offering, a corporation should consider the suitability of its current business model for a listing and the strategy and business plan for the business post-listing. It should also consider the implications and realities of being a public corporation including but not limited to, greater disclosure and public scrutiny, accountability to the minority shareholders and commitment to rigorous compliance and corporate governance standards. If you would like enquire further about getting listed on the SGX, please contact us.

We have also set out a few salient admission criteria below for your reference.

Quantitative Criteria

Quantitative Criteria2

Other Admission Criteria


Listing Process

Our involvement with clients starts in the pre-listing fund-raising and restructuring process which, depending on the size and complexity of the group of companies being listed, can begin between 6 to 9 months prior to the commencement of the actual due diligence exercise for the listing. 

We then guide our clients through the due diligence exercise involving the various professionals, obtain the necessary regulatory approvals and/or filings and organize the roadshows to meet with institutional investors and high networth individuals, before launching the public offer. Please contact us if you require further information on the listing process and timeline.

In addition to listings via an initial public offering, we have also brought clients for listing through a reverse takeover, which involves injecting our clients’ assets or business into an existing listing company. For clients that are already public-listed companies, we offer services for dual listings, secondary listings or spinning-off growth businesses for a separate listing. If you would like enquire further about our listing services, please contact us.